With today’s excessively litigious landscape and increasingly competitive climate, operating an adult nightclub can feel like walking in a minefield, subject to the whims of fate. Bar Man Control is an affordable, integrated, all-in-one POS+ solution designed to put control back in the hands of the operators. It’s…

» Completely Customizable
» Made for Operator by Operators
» Conceived for the Adult Entertainment Industry—and No One Else!

Bar Man Control was created by MAL Entertainment, an award-winning, Charlotte-based adult club chain with over 30 years of experience. Owner David “Slim” Baucom, widely recognized as an industry trail-blazer, and his son WD Baucom, designed the system for his own clubs to fill a void in the marketplace; since what was needed didn’t exist, he set out to invent it himself. After years of research, development and revision at all ten MAL locations, we are proud to bring the results to market for the very first time.


» Inventory – Every drop of liquor represents potential income—and potential loss! For the first time, you can track every ounce through our seamless scan-and-weigh system that’s directly tied to sales.

» Time & Attendance – Manage payroll with optimal efficiency and defend against devastating labor-related claims with our integrated Time & Attendance module.

» Admissions, Memberships & ID Scan – Know exactly who’s attending your club with built in ID scan, membership database management and admission tracking.

» Entertainer Tracking – Whether you classify your entertainers as employees or independent contractors, minimize exposure by maintaining accurate entertainer files, hours, earnings, fees, notes and more. Easy interface for house moms, floormen, DJs and office personnel.

» Dance Dollars – Barcoded, print-on-demand house currency eliminates counterfeiting, theft and loss due to human error, plus creates an accurate record of your entertainers’ earnings.

» POS – Account for every drink, dance, t-shirt and gift certificate sold with an easy-to-use interface that puts speed of service first.

Reports and Analytics

Whether you are a single- or multi-store operator, we offer completely customized reporting and as much or as little information as want at your fingertips, so you can plan your next move armed with knowledge.
Revenue by Dollar or Percentage
Employee Wage and Labor Analysis
Inventory Sales and Cost Analysis
Product Mix
Entertainer Activity and Earning


Bar Man was conceived solely for the adult night club industry. We specialize in…
Single- and Multi-Store Operations Share guest, member, entertainer and employee databases Granular detail or Enterprise Overview
All Budgets No proprietary hardware requirements Low upfront fees
Flexible Solutions Touchscreen Point-and-click Tablet